Success Stories

eaton-peabody-triplet-williams-mullen-brons-salas"A longstanding client, Cooke Aquaculture, came to us to lead its acquisition of Wanchese Fish Company, one of the world's largest producers of sea scallops. Wanchese has significant operations in Virginia and North Carolina, important scallop fisheries in Argentina, and crucial sales offices in France.

Leading the Cooke legal team on this complex acquisition and related financing, we brought in fellow TAGLaw members Williams Mullen (North Carolina & Virginia, USA), Brons y Salas (Argentina), and Triplet (Lille, France).  

The result was a seamless integration of TAGLaw firms working together as a single team. It was essential to be able to bring this expertise to the client and this complex transaction. The high degree of quality of service, professionalism and personal dedication of the lawyers involved was impressive, to us and to our client. This is exactly the way these cross-jurisdiction affiliations are supposed to work. We are proud to be affiliated with TAGLaw and this experience reinforces our commitment to the group."

David Austin, Eaton Peabody (Maine, USA)



“A long-standing key client of the firm came to us for help in finding legal representation in Gabon. Having found no firms listed on the TAGLaw website, we contacted The Appleton Group Staff. Within minutes, we had a response for the client. The whole process was extremely quick from start to finish, and the client was suitably impressed.”

—Hana Gwyn, Kuits Solicitors (Manchester, England – TAGLaw)

“Having been a member of TAGLaw since 2003, Carter Newell has been privileged and fortunate to collaborate with TAGLaw firms, working alongside industry peers and contacts on a range of successful referrals through 2014. Senior Partner Paul Hopkins and Construction & Engineering Partner Patrick Mead attended the Hong Kong International Conference at which Patrick joined the Litigation & ADR Specialty Group panel session with speakers from Hong Kong, Canada, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States to discuss issues clients may face when litigating in different jurisdictions.”

Carter Newell (Queensland, Australia)

taher-cheik-fall“In 2014, we engaged many TAGLaw members. Recently, we partnered with new member Maître Cheikh Fall in Senegal and have initiated several transactions with Cheikh Fall in a variety of matters. These include: real estate deals; the establishment of charitable organizations/NGOs which shall be associated with construction of schools, hospitals, mosques, etc.; and other business establishments. I traveled to Senegal and met Cheikh Fall and he was very helpful and precise with his advice. Our client has been very appreciative of this assistance and are currently studying to move forward with their investments in Senegal.”

—Fawaz Alkhateeb, Taher Law Group (Kuwait – TAGLaw)

mvvp-b-cremades-lindquist-vennum“At any one time, our firm has had several matters ongoing with our TAGLaw correspondents. Recently, we assisted Lindquist & Vennum (Colorado, Minnesota & South Dakota, USA) in the takeover of a Belgian medical equipment company with subsidiaries in Germany and France. We were also able to conduct on behalf of a project developer major  ICC  arbitration proceedings in Madrid with the help of B. Cremades y Asociados.”

—Eric Laevens, Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners (MVVP) (Belgium)