Success Stories

eaton smtp“Jacintha Pillay of Sim Mong Teck in Singapore has been very helpful and patient as I work with a client who is exploring a new business in Singapore. TAGLaw is really working.”

—Eric C. Marshall; Eaton Peabody (Maine, USA)

coblentz hiways“I was recently able to reach out to Steven Yu of Hiways Law Firm in Shanghai, China who assisted our client in locating governmental filings in China that were required in order for our client to complete their audit.”

—Paul Tauber; Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP (San Francisco, CA, USA)

mercer hole cornick boodle"Recently, we received a referral from Cornick Garber & Sandler in New York City (TIAG). We were able to deliver great service to the client and earn their trust which then led to the opportunity of referring the client to our local TAGLaw member in London, Boodle Hatfield. One referral yielded: extraordinary benefits to our firm, Cornick being able to service their client’s international needs, and the opportunity to strengthen our own local relationships."

—Lisa Spearman; Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG)

jaffe blaney“This is one of many similar TAGLaw experiences I have had over the years. Recently, a U.S. client, a consulting and software firm, needed to form a Canadian entity on a very short timeline. We contacted TAGLaw member Blaney McMurtry in Toronto. Within one day, Blaney assembled the right team and got the job done. The client was happy and impressed.”

—Larry Jordan; Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss (Michigan, USA)

boodle hatfield munsch hardt“This is a non-traditional success story in that it deals with a TAGLaw member helping my oldest daughter who was studying abroad at the University of London. She is interested in law so I reached out to Simon Fitzpatrick of Boodle Hatfield in London to see if he would have lunch with her. He graciously agreed and scheduled lunch with her in London. At lunch, he invited her to the firm and she spent two days at Boodle Hatfield learning about their firm and their art practice. She even wrote a post for their blog.”

—Greg Noschese; Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr (Texas, USA)