Success Stories

esv-piper-alderman-duncan-cotterill“ESV was recently referred a client by the TAGLaw member firm Piper Alderman here in Sydney. The opportunity was to provide management accounting and taxation services for a large Swiss company establishing a local Australian operating subsidiary.  ESV worked with the Swiss Head Office and Piper Alderman to develop an appropriate strategy and framework for their Australian office and secured the appointment as their ongoing accounting partner.

As the engagement developed, a further requirement within New Zealand arose. Together with Piper Alderman, ESV referred the client to the New Zealand TAGLaw member, Duncan Cotterill. Feedback from the client has been very positive. 

Overall, this situation clearly highlights the benefits of quality TAG Alliances members working together to achieve successful outcomes for our clients and each other’s businesses."

—Kurt Baker, ESV Accounting and Business Advisors (New South Wales, Australia – TIAG)

belin-mccormick-mcleod-law“Our firm is working with a local company that is entering into a joint venture in Canada. While I can help with a lot of the documentation, I advised our client that they also needed to retain a Canadian law firm to provide advice and input with respect to applicable Canadian corporate and other laws. I contacted Brent Cooper and Rick Breen of McLeod Law LLP in Calgary and was able to refer the Canadian review work to their firm. It is very comforting to work with someone so far away and yet really ‘know’ who you are working with and know that your client is in very good hands with respect to services they need but you cannot directly provide.”

—Quent Boyken, Belin McCormick, P.C. (Iowa, USA)

lindquist-rassers-hodler-mvvp-nysingh-lk-shields-adam-blesser“Since 2008, Lindquist & Vennum has represented the bankruptcy trustee of a number of entities involved in the Thomas Petters $3 billion Ponzi scheme. Lindquist & Vennum turned to TAGLaw when the trustee expanded the case to seek recovery from a number of foreign investors who had invested in hedge funds outside the United States that, in turn, had received money from the Petters Ponzi scheme. Several TAGLaw firms provided the client with expertise regarding the aspects of the cases touching on those countries. Those firms have included LK Shields Solicitors in Ireland; Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners in Belgium; Adam & Bleser in Luxembourg; Hodler Rechtsanwälte in Zürich, Switzerland; and Rassers Advocaten and Nysingh advoaten-notarissen N.V. in the Netherlands.”

—Lindquist & Vennum (Colorado, Minnesota & South Dakota, USA - TAGLaw)

baroudi-hunte“Recently, our firm successfully collaborated with Hunte & Co in the Bristish Virgin Islands. The firm was acting on behalf of investors wishing to establish a corporate entity in BVI. The incorporation process was swiftly and skillfully handled by Hunte & Co. One of the main strengths of TAGLaw is the credibility of its member firms and the high level of attention recently provided by Hunte & Co to our firm is proof of that credibility.”

—Christine Maksoud, Baroudi & Associates (Lebanon)

clarkslegal-lk-shields“We were recently asked by LK Shields (Ireland) to help with a client who was refinancing, replacing Bank of Ireland with Goldman Sachs. We needed to review a number of financial security documents where our firms cooperated successfully, meeting strict deadlines, and advising on complicated shareholder issues. Overall, we had a happy client and have strengthened relations with LK Shields.”

—John Warchus, Clarkslegal LLP (Reading, England)