Success Stories


"We were contacted by an engineering firm that wanted to hire an engineering firm in Chile as an independent contractor. We needed a law firm to review the proposed service contract and advise our client of any nuances of Chilean law. We contacted our TAGLaw affiliate Roberto Guerrero of Guerrero Olivos Law Firm (Chile) who immediately worked on the assignment along with Josefina Yavar. Their review was completed under a tight deadline and was within budget much to the delight of our client. They even found several professional liability insurance carriers in Chile to refer to the independent contractor when we suggested liability insurance. Our Chilean TAGLaw member made us look good. Many thanks to Roberto and Josefina of Guerrero Olivos Law Firm."

Joel H. Paget of Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC (Washington, USA)


herrick-feinstein-golden-gate-lawyers“In late 2013, an important NY apparel client of ours was closing a sale of one of its brand divisions to another company, when we learned that the division’s primary trademark had been registered in China by a Chinese individual.  As part of the sale agreement, our client was obligated to use reasonable efforts to obtain an assignment of the Chinese trademark, which was critical so that the purchaser obtained trademark rights in China where products would be manufactured and where it would start selling.  Current Chinese law did not provide any meaningful legal recourse (and if it did, it would have taken 2 to 3 years and significant expense), so our only option was to try to negotiate a reasonable purchase of the trademark rights.  Because of the language and deep cultural differences, we retained the GoldenGate firm in Beijing, which proved very effective in working with us as a team.  After lengthy rounds of direct negotiations with the registrant and his agent, GoldenGate ultimately was able to get him to agree to sell the trademark registration and rights on reasonable terms that our client could accept, which has now resulted in a formal assignment agreement that is about to be executed.

It would have been impossible for us to do this negotiation directly. GoldenGate provided added value not only by engaging in direct negotiations, but also through its advice on a strategic approach that factored in cultural differences and the particular requirements of Chinese trademark law.”

Barry Werbin, Herrick Feinstein (New York, New York, USA)

black-helterline-harper-grey-logoTAGLaw Contacts Jim Baumgartner of Black Helterline (Oregon, USA) and John Sullivan of Harper Grey (British Columbia, Canada) have co-authored an article entitled “Enforcing Money Judgments Across the United States – Canada Border”. Also contributing to the article were Black Helterline Associate Britta Warren and Harper Grey Articled Student, Sean Foote. So far, the article which focuses on an important issue to border states and provinces, was recently published in the following publications:

Over time, the two firms have formed a valuable relationship through TAGLaw, and they believe initiatives such as this will provide further opportunities for them to collaborate on advising and litigating cross-border disputes.

herrick-kennelly-okeefe-logos"Our firm operates a title insurance company and often acts as an escrow agent in real estate transactions. Recently, the partners at Herrick, Feinstein LLP (New York, New York, USA) were able to provide us with valuable insights in the establishment of a complex multimillion dollar international escrow agreement. Because of TAGLaw, we were able to reach out to our vast contacts within the network and it was very valuable."

Chris Kennelly; Kennelly Business Law (North Dakota, USA)


“Over 3,000 French expats live in Alberta, Canada. McLeod Law LLP and TAGLaw affiliates Mr. Philip Jenkinson and Ms. Corinne Fournier of Triplet & Associes in Lille, France have worked closely together this year on Canada/France cross-border succession issues.”

Roy Klassen, McLeod Law LLP (Alberta, Canada)