Success Stories

spencer herrick"In the Spring of 2017, we turned to Herrick, Feinstein LLP (New York, USA - TAGLaw) to help an extremely important client of ours when it got hit with a motion for default in New York state court. The case involved a serious personal injury on a construction site, and our client was the successor to the manufacturer of the piece of equipment which allegedly contributed to the accident. Through Herrick's excellent lawyering, they were able to get the default motion withdrawn, and convinced both the plaintiff and the defendants not to pursue our client. Ultimately our client was voluntarily dismissed from the action and did not have to contribute to any settlement. Needless to say, our client was very pleased, as we were."

-Jim Dankenbring; Spencer Fane LLP (Missouri, USA - TAGLaw)

bone berger“One of my best and favorite clients is a design firm in New York. TAG has helped us provide legal services and advice to them in England, Australia, the Middle East, and currently in Florida, USA. Just today, I was relying on Berger Singerman, the TAGLaw firm in Florida, to help this client with a construction dispute. TAG Alliances enables us to seamlessly serve this client around the world.”

-Stephen Zralek; Bone McAllester Norton (Tennessee, USA - TAGLaw)

avid coblentz"We worked with Paul Tauber from Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP (San Francisco, California, USA - TAGLaw) with a high-growth technology company in the insurance tech industry to establish its local equity incentive plan as part its US expansion.

Paul was able to step through the various options available with our client's local US team and group CEO based in New Zealand to deliver on the needs of our client to quickly and efficiently deliver a solution.

This enabled our client to secure the talent it needed as part of its North American market entry."

-Bruno Bordignon; (New Zealand - TAGLaw)

blaney racine“The most beneficial aspects of TAG Alliances membership are not simply the incoming referrals themselves, but also opportunities from the doors members can open that would otherwise take years to get through, if ever. Last year, one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies was referred to Blaney by Racine (Paris, France - TAGLaw). The company was one we had been looking to work with for quite some time. Our issue was somehow getting in the door that first time.

The company was looking for advice on how to shut down a vile anonymous internet attack campaign that it believed was being undertaken by a disgruntled former employee whose last known whereabouts was in Toronto. The company wanted to obtain details from Google and Microsoft that would allow it to identify the former employee. Blaney’s commercial litigation and IT group were retained, and successfully obtained the data needed to identify the culprit and cease the attack. This led to a meeting with the company’s lead counsel based in London. We are hopeful this will lead to many more opportunities, but that first door never would have been opened without that initial referral from Racine.

TAG Alliances is constantly providing such opportunities that are just waiting to be seized by its members.”

-Eric Golden; Blaney McMurtry (Ontario, Canada - TAGLaw)

popa studio“Recently, TAGLaw member Studio Legale Sutti (Italy), assisted our Moldovian client in the Italian Courts of Law on a performance guarantee matter. The lawsuit involved two of the largest banks in Italy, a national holding company, one local company, and a foreign company from Bulgaria, while the client had the status of civil defendant. Sutti’s solution was a genuine “win-win.” It enabled our client to fully recover from the banks the performance guarantees (in total over €7 million) and the cases were completed in a small fraction of the time that a lawsuit would have taken.

The most important thing is that the client is very pleased and impressed. Thanks to having access to our fellow TAGLaw members, this was the first case our client has won abroad. Thank you very much to Giangiuseppe Sanna and Livia Oglio from Sutti for your tremendous work.”

-Igor Popa; Popa & Asociatii (Moldova - TAGLaw)