Success Stories


"Due to our membership of TAGLaw, we continue to be involved with numerous cross border disputes. This year alone we have assisted with disputes involving parties in Ireland, Italy, Iran, Romania, Germany, Russia, China, South Africa, New Zealand, Finland and the US."

—David Rintoul; Clarkslegal LLP (Reading, England)


“Every year, the benefits our firm receives as a TAGLaw member seem to grow, which are not just limited to quality client referrals. For example, Wyoming foreclosure law is rather unique, and when the TAGLaw firm in a neighboring state had a client with an urgent need to secure a distressed property in a remote corner of Wyoming, we were well positioned to immediately obtain a receiver and preserve assets. Wyoming is also a state with very favorable, progressive limited liability company (LLC) laws. As a result, residents of other states often seek Wyoming counsel in either forming or administering their LLCs. We have been fortunate to be called upon by TAGLaw firms as far away as the east coast to help their clients amend existing LLC operating agreements and form additional LLCs for newly acquired assets.”

—Dale Cottam, Hirst Applegate, LLP (Wyoming, USA)


Representing an investment group here in the U.S., I am currently working with Ben Graham-Evans and Natalie Coles of Blake Morgan LLP (Southampton, England) and Romain Adam and Catherine L’Hote-Tissier of Adam & Bleser (Luxembourg) on the acquisition and follow-on lease of multiple aircraft operating in Europe. In addition, I worked with the MAQS Law Firm (Sweden), Patric Olafsson and Sten Gejrot, in particular, until the aircraft based in Sweden were removed from the transaction.

In all cases, the responses have been excellent and the guidance and recommendations directly on point. In addition, our TAGlaw firms have been able to provide timely and expert recommendations to other professionals to address additional issues, e.g., government filings and sales/use and VAT taxes. Our clients are most appreciative of the resources that we can offer through our participation in TAGLaw.”

—Kevin H. Good; Conner & Winters (Oklahoma, USA)



"McLeod Law LLP ("McLeod") (Alberta Canada) has served U.S. individuals in our region to allow them to deal with issues facing their estates in Canada. Our firm also assists Canadian citizens purchasing U.S. real estate. Advice in these matters requires assistance from U.S. counsel regarding their ever-changing rules in these complex areas of law. Our affiliation with TAGLaw has offered us a new option to address these issues.

Brent Cooper, one of McLeod's TAGLaw contacts, reached out to Jim Baumgartner of Black Helterline LLP (Oregon, USA), to seek solutions to these problems. In turn, Jim introduced his colleague Dave Streicher to our Wills and Estates practice group and a great relationship was formed. Over the past years, Dave has provided extremely timely and effective advice to our lawyers allowing them to provide excellent advice to our cross border clients. This relationship has provided great success on dozens of files. We would have never experienced this type of service without our TAGLaw affiliation."

—Rick Breen; McLeod Law LLP (Alberta, Canada)


“Early this year, I was contacted by a Quebec wine agent who had been given my name by Alain Menard of Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells (Quebec, Canada). The agent had just entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with one of the largest global wineproducers and distributors out of California who had terminated its exclusive agreement with one of the largest agents in Canada. The previous Canadian agent sued the California distributor for breach of the exclusive agreement and was claiming significant damages in the multi-million dollar range. The CFO of the Canadian agent was a former colleague of my wife, Melisa, at KPMG. We were eventually retained by the California distributor to defend the action in British Columbia. We worked in conjunction with the distributor’s California counsel out of San Francisco. A conflict arose with respect to the client’s San Francisco counsel and we were able to retain Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP (San Francisco, California, USA), to look after a specific matter in the litigation. I was eventually able to successfully resolve the matter for the client through negotiation and mediation with the CFO of the Canadian distributor. Subsequent to the settlement, I was retained to act on another matter by our client’s San Francisco counsel who has continued to refer work to me. 

A month or so after the settlement, we were asked by Blaine Tunnicliff of Zhong Lun Law Firm (Shanghai, China) whether we knew of an agent in Canada who could supply ice wine to China. I was able to not only recommend my California client but also the Quebec agent who had referred the file to me initially as well as the Canadian agent who had sued our client. Even though none of my recommendations were selected by Blaine’s client, I was subsequently contacted by the Canadian distributor who had sued my California client to act for it in another litigation matter in B.C. since it was appreciative of the referral despite having sued my client. This illustrates TAGLaw collaboration at its best.”

—Richard P. Attisha, Harper Grey LLP (British Columbia, Canada)