Success Stories


Harper Grey LLP (British Columbia, Canada) has been recognized as of the Top 10 Western and Northern Regional Firms in Canada by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. This recognition is a great honour, as the firms was selected by other law firms, lawyers and in-house counsel from across Canada.  Firm rankings were based on regional service coverage, client base, notable mandates, service excellence, and legal expertise. According to partner Richard Attisha, "Our ability to provide exceptional local service for international clients referred by TAGlaw and others played a big role in achieving our ranking."


"Clients of ours recently relocated to Australia, and were in need of legal advice on various matters, including disability and guardianship issues. Through TAGLaw, we were able to confidently refer our clients to Piper Alderman (New South Wales, Australia), whose attorneys have been extremely responsive and provided our clients with the expert legal advice they needed."

Brigid Heid; Carlile Patchen & Murphy (Ohio, USA)



TAGLaw membership provides members with the ability to serve the international needs of their clients. As you can see below, an upcoming advertisement placed by TAGLaw member Harper Grey (British Columbia, Canada) in Business in Vancouver reflects the international capabilities TAGLaw members and their clients receive benefit from.

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msk-berger-singermanLarry Drapkin of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp (Los Angeles, California, USA) recently teamed with Lenny Samuels of Berger Singerman (Florida, USA) on a litigation matter involving restrictive covenants (entered into and governed pursuant to Florida law and venue) which adversely impacted MSK's corporate client based in California. The seamless representation of the defendant in the Florida litigation and of the other related party (the California entity) made it possible for them to achieve a favorable resolution with an otherwise notoriously hard nosed corporate plaintiff. It was particularly useful that MSK could, within two hours of becoming aware of the Florida litigation, inform its client's general counsel that it was recommending Mr. Samuels to handle the Florida litigation and that, among other things, he had previously litigated similar issues against the plaintiff and the plaintiff's counsel in the present matter.  The client's general counsel, was very impressed with the quick response and excellent coordination among TAGLaw counsel who, in this case, have served as co-counsel in previous litigation matters.

-Larry C. Drapkin; Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA)


"My firm, Harper Grey LLP (Vancouver, BC, Canada), acts for the a major Canadian bank which specializes in commercial financing and venture capital designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our client had lent money to a helicopter company and took security on three helicopters as well as other assets of the borrower.

In February of 2011, we were provided with official notice that one of the helicopters, a Bell 407, had been seized by US Homeland Security in Texas and was subject to a forfeiture order. It was alleged that the helicopter was owned by a Mexican drug lord who had been convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison in the US. However, it was represented by the borrowers that they owned the helicopters and were unaware of its use for criminal activities.

We were advised that we would have 30 days in which to file a Petition in Texas to avoid losing the helicopter. Thankfully we were able to quickly retain Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. (Dallas, Texas, USA) who set to work immediately to obtain an order for the release of the helicopter to our client. Steve Harr ecommended Greg Noschese of his firm's business litigation group who has significant expertise in the recovery of assets and had dealt with Homeland Security in the past. Despite the complex criminal issues and multiple creditor claims, Greg was able to expeditiously obtain an order for recovery of the helicopter. We are happy to say that the helicopter has been returned to Canada and it is now in our client's possession.

Our client was extremely impressed with the ability of our network to respond so quickly and to obtain such an outstanding result in the face of overwhelming challenges. We are extremely grateful to Steve Harr, Greg Noschese and their colleagues at Munsch Hardt for the excellent work they did on our and our client's behalf."

Richard Attisha; Harper Grey LLP (Vancouver, BC, Canada)