Success Stories

“The Most Important Thing is That the Client is Very Pleased...”

popa studio“Recently, TAGLaw member Studio Legale Sutti (Italy), assisted our Moldovian client in the Italian Courts of Law on a performance guarantee matter. The lawsuit involved two of the largest banks in Italy, a national holding company, one local company, and a foreign company from Bulgaria, while the client had the status of civil defendant. Sutti’s solution was a genuine “win-win.” It enabled our client to fully recover from the banks the performance guarantees (in total over €7 million) and the cases were completed in a small fraction of the time that a lawsuit would have taken.

The most important thing is that the client is very pleased and impressed. Thanks to having access to our fellow TAGLaw members, this was the first case our client has won abroad. Thank you very much to Giangiuseppe Sanna and Livia Oglio from Sutti for your tremendous work.”

-Igor Popa; Popa & Asociatii (Moldova - TAGLaw)