Success Stories

A ‘Wild’ Success Story

“This past Spring Brent Cooper received notice that our firm was short-listed as the possible legal counsel for the Calgary Zoo, an exceptionally high profile not-for-profit organization in Alberta, Canada.

Notwithstanding the short notice, Brent made an inquiry through TAGLaw which revealed member firms that have experience with zoos in North America and around the world. His inquiry disclosed experienced practice groups in domains such as international animal law (including government and media relations), contract advice, research agreements, agricultural business, bio technologies, and environmental law.

Robin Lokhors, who did the actual ‘pitch’ to the Zoo Board, said he is confident that the contributions and support from TAGLaw significantly advanced the successful presentation. Brent and Rick thank those TAGLaw members that emailed back so promptly, and if any business opportunities arise, you can be sure to hear more.”

McLeod Law (Alberta, Canada - TAGLaw)